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All parts of the website are for your own personal use only. There are no files on our server. They are ranked in the same way that Google works. They can’t be held responsible for the content of any linked sites, or any link that leads to a linked site, or changes or updates to the linked sites.

Content is removed.

Even though the copyright laws that we’re following say that we should respond to valid complaints and take action, it’s our policy to do so under the laws that we’re following. A site called is in full compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and other copyright laws around the world. We only follow notices if the sender does the following:

The first thing you should do is send an email to In the email, describe the page on where you think copyrighted material has been used.

The second Give us enough information so that we can get in touch with you (name and email address are required).

The third Show us proof that you own the copyright to what we said, and we’ll let you in.

It’s important for copyright owners to get in touch with us if they find content on this site that they own. The email address is “”

In order to send a takedown request, keep in mind that these can take up to two weeks to process.

Thank you for being kind.

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